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Time for a raise for Art Briles, who may be pursued by Ole Miss

II'm not normally apt to run this (insert snarky line here), but highly respected and plugged-in NFL writer John McClain of the Houston Chronicle just tweeted this:

"I'm already hearing Ole Miss is going to pursue Art Briles, I don't blame them. If I wanted to turn around a program, I'd pursue him, too."

Makes sense. Ole Miss recently fired Houston Nutt. The Rebels are in dire need of a man who can rebuild that team. Between Houston and Baylor, Briles now has a track record of building programs. What he has done at both is remarkable considering how bad those programs had been. Right now, he has the keys to Waco.

I can't see Baylor letting this guy go. I can't see Briles' agent not taking full advantage of this opportunity propose a raise. And I'm pretty sure Baylor has some money.


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Curtis think they are going to pass on Briles. He thinks they want a bigger name, make a bigger splash... He thinks they are preparing to pay somebody $14 million over fours years. That kind money makes me think they are going after some big big fish.

I'm still hoping for mike leach.


Ole Miss is a much better program than Baylor and its in a better conference. It's not a matter of Briles wants to leave Baylor for Ole Miss...It's a matter of whether or not Ole Miss wants Briles.

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