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Trying to figure out the Red Raiders

Seth-doegeSince Tommy Tuberville backed out of the Texas Tech game against TCU in the offseason I have been all over the Red Raiders for being just another fake team that can get Coach Tuberville his bowl appearance check without beating anybody. Hello, Houston Bowl!

Blowout wins over FCS Texas State and New Mexico in the first two weeks did nothing to convince me otherwise. Same as a 35-34 win at home against Nevada in Week 3 that required an act of God to win. Tech rallied from a 21-0 first quarter deficit to win at Kansas, but wins against the Jayhawks should not count.

But then the Red Raiders played Texas A&M and Kansas State close in Lubbock and I thought perhaps Tech was better than I originally thought. Never did I think the Red Raiders could go to Norman and defeat the Sooners. That changed everything, until the next game.

What Tech did in Lubbock last week is worse than anything Mike Leach ever did: 41-7 loss against Iowa State. The Cyclones are now 1-4 in Big 12 play.

This weekend the Red Raiders go to Austin to play next year's champion, Mack Brown's Texas Longhorns. Both teams need just one win so their head coach is eligible for his bowl appearance check.

The Horns are ranked No. 21 in the nation; at this point we have a pretty good idea that this is a very young team that should be very good in a year or so.

As for Tech? The Red Raiders' win in Norman screws up everything. They are good enough to beat Oklahoma, yet bad enough to get whacked at home against Iowa State. All three of the Red Raiders' losses have been at home. 

ImagesThe Horns are 14 point favorites Saturday; I'm not sure about covering but I feel good about UT winning. But, who knows with the Tech?

They have No. 3 Okie State at home on Nov. 12 before finishing at Missouri and then against Baylor. As shown by their win in Norman, the Red Raiders can beat anybody. As shown by their loss against Iowa State, they can lose to anybody.

Teams like that are usually Houston Bowl caliber teams.


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Peter V.

Mike Leach is/was the best thing to happen to that school. You wanna know what's up with that program; LETTING LEACH GO!!!! The guy was a winner. Sure he was difficult and a bit of an embarrasment, but he WON GAMES!!!! When you win games like that they call you 'eccentric'. Tubberville is a washed up coach. But the Red Raiders problems are nnot so much Tubberville. Its Waco. Who the heck wants to play there. Get Mike Leach back and we are in business. Otherwise, you can stick a fork in the football team.


Red Raiders aren't the team they used to be. Different coach, different attitude towards the football program. Waco is nice but it is hard to recruit there. Love to see my Red Raiders ride high again but it's going to take something big in Waco to turn things around. I dont think it will happen

Joe Tech

what planet are these idiots living on. One and half years into his Tech tenure and he has already done what no one else could do in over six years. Beat OU in Norman. Leach was OVERRATED


Where is the little ball of hate?


Peter and Ruby, Texas Tech is in Lubbock. Baylor is in Waco. Thanks for weighing in though.


Loved the crazy pirate. I dont see how the program is going to recover. Tuberville is fine but he is no Mike Leach. GO RED RAIDERS

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