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Tuesday drive through: If Baylor wins Saturday, RGIII must win the Heisman

Anne_hathaway_1191017Another one off the market - Anne Hathaway is engaged.

What are you doing on Sunday? Do you want to play QB for the Texans?


Apparently the Heisman trophy award was not handed to Stanford QB Andrew Luck 48 hours after he declared his intention to return to college for his senior season. Who knew?

According to, Baylor's schedule is the eighth most difficult in the country. (The hardest? - Kansas and Auburn).

At the very minimum Baylor QB Robert Griffin III must be invited to NYC for the Heisman trophy ceremony. If Baylor beats Texas on Saturday in Waco, that means RGIII will have played a big game and he should win the Heisman award.

RGIII is playing on Saturday against the Horns. He suffered concussion-like symptoms against Texas Tech on Saturday but Baylor coach Art Briles said he's OK.

Robert-Griffin-III5With all due respect to Luck, Houston QB Case Keenum and Alabama RB Trent Richardson, RGIII means more to his team than the others. You can make a strong argument that Houston is dead without Keenum, but RGIII gets the nod simply because the opponents he's faced are far superior. 

And RGIII has had better seasons than Luck or Richardson.

Griffin has accounted for nearly 4,300 yards and avarages just under 9 yards per play. These are PlayStation3 numbers.

The other players are wonderful and are having Heisman-worthy seasons, but what RGIII is doing is to nearly single-handedly resurrect a program that had been non-existent for years. He needs to be in NYC for the ceremony. If Baylor wins on Saturday, he should win the award.

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"RGIII means more to his team than the others."

When Florence came in, BU did not miss a beat. Plug and play?

The Big Mac Blog

When Florence came in, BU did not miss a beat. Plug and play?

It really, really helps when a QB faces the Texas Tech defense.


plug and play?

tech has the 119th ranked total defense. anyone could put up big numbers against them (including florence). if RGIII hadn't got hurt, you'd argue he had big numbers because tech's defense is so bad.

you can't have it both ways.


@bakingsoda I don't think anyone actually looks up the facts but Florence was the QB when Griffin red shirted a season, so Florence had experience going into the game. It's not like Florence was just a no name QB. He played for Baylor previously and got game time when Griffin was out due to an injury. So it only makes sense that he would play just fine.

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