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Craig James will make an ideal political figure

Janet-Jones-Feet-210984That dude from the Nets now wants an annulment from the former Mrs. Ray J.

Conrad Murray gets four years, which means he should be out in about three weeks.

People who don't know the NHL are now just figuring out that The Great One has a daughter who some may call "attractive".  Seems The Great One had a chat with daughter about some rather racy pics she was posting on The Google Machine. 
Uhhmmm ... people, you do remember that her mother is Janet Jones (pictured). Yeah. That one. The one who posed for Playboy.


Former SMU running back turned ESPN talking head Craig James is kicking the tires on running for political office here in our great state. The way GOP candidates are screwing up I wouldn't rule out James in the White House by January of 2013.

According to this blog post Craig James is really thinking about politics, and will leave ESPN after the season to make a run for a senate seat.

How he still has a job with ESPN after the Texas Tech Mike Leach debacle confirms what we all know about selective journalistic integrity. 

Nonetheless, James will make a fine political candidate when he decides to run.

Craigjames1. He has money. 
2. He has no experience.
3. He looks good in front of a camera and has a great smile.
4. He can speak very well.
4a. He managed to talk his way in and around the Texas Tech thing in such a way to convey that he had no real culpability and is just so sorry about the way it went down. 
5. He can deny with the best of them (see SMU Pony Express).
6. He could run his own charm school.
7. He is a jock, which in this country is priceless.
8. He's well versed in TV and media, both vital assets in today's political landscape.
9. He is very conservative, which sells well in Texas.
10. He has money.

Add it all up and Mr. James should be a senator in no time. Roll your eyes if you will, but you know I'm right.


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Mike G

I will contribute the legal limit to any opponent of Scumball James in any race he runs. He is human scum, a stinking pile of excrement. Now, do you want my real opinion?


Hard to tell Craig's head from his azz except when he is kissing Kent Hance's azz.
Boy did these two screw up Tech Football.

Mike Leach

I'm excited about his canidacy.


ESPN will probably be glad to see him go since he was right in the middle of Tech
v. Leach. I hope he does run for office and gets beat by a large margin. He needs a little humility. College payoffs are not good for his image except lobbyists know that he can be paid under the table.


Vote for Craig James. He is a conservative. He will say no to the lobbist because he wants more money! He will stay with the truth unless he can gain something. A true christian at least that is what his PR firm says. He is a Liberal Conservative!


The REAL Mike Leach is too smart to misspell 'candidacy'! LOL

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