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Texas should do the right thing for this state & keep playing A&M

Bridesmaids-photo-rose-byrne2Not a good sign: Mexican drug cartel violence has come to Houston. The Mexican cartels should learn from the history of the Colombian cartels in the '80s - don't alert the international community to your problem. 

A study by USC reports there is gender inequity in film. You needed a study to know this?

A good read from The Statesman's Kirk Bohls on the similarities between Bill Bryne of A&M and DeLoss Dodds of UT.


Tomorrow will be the last time Texas plays Texas A&M in football, thus ending a rivalry that began back in the 1800s. Both Bill Byrne, DeLoss Dodds and every single person involved in the upper levels at both Texas A&M and Texas should be absolutely ashamed that this happened on their watch.

This is nothing more than a sad case of ego run amuk.

Some things are bigger than you. Even you, DeLoss. This rivalry is not about you. It's not about Kyle Field. It's not about Mack Brown's ego, or Mike Sherman's job security. It's not about Bevo. It's not about the 12th Man. It's not about Bevo TV. It's not about the SEC.

This is about Texas, and Texans, and the cultural importance this games means to the people of this great state. It's about the people who attended both schools, and the millions who did not but like this game because it means something here. This is our game, and any person associated with Texas or Texas A&M should be ashamed that they collectively green lighted an end to it.

KyleThe conference breakup is done, but there is no reason Texas can't play Texa A&M any longer.

There are other examples of schools that maintain rivalries outside of their confernces. Georgia still manages to play Georgia Tech. Florida plays Florida State.  

DeLoss, put your ego down for a moment and call Bryne. Get this done. Tell your coaches they'll just have to deal with it.

Neither of you wants this one your professional gravestone.


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I hate to see the tradition end, but atm is the one that wanted out of the B12 so they will get what they want. You can't blame Texas for taking the big TV deal when it was offered by ESPN. You can't make me believe that atm or any other team would not have taken that deal, and left UT out in the cold. So atm good bye and hope that you enjoy being a door mat for the SEC teams.

Denver Jay

I don't understand why they can't schedule the game OOC. Merritt: how does SEC membership mean that Texas vs. A&M needs to be cancelled? That doesn't make sense at all. Real easy thing to cancel the game with the New Mexico Aggies and schedule the Texas Aggies instead. Texas would even be allowed to keep their big TV deal. Why refuse to continue Texas's longest rivalry game? Makes no sense at all.


Look-- A&M left the Big 12 and deserted the state of Texas for richer waters elsewhere. The hell with them for destroying this annual game. I hope they go 0 and 12 in their new brotherhood of SEC! Soon they will be forgotten.

Larry Landreth

A&M left the Big 12 to get away from Texas You can't get away from someone and continue to play them Good-bye and Good riddance I would hope that they never play again Be careful what you ask for Aggies You just might get it

Scott Haley

The Aggies aka Quiters are the ones leaving the conference. Why should Texas help them. I don't ever want to hear another Aggie drone on and on about tradition. They are the ones that decided to break their longest by leaving.


1. TAMU left the B12, not the other way around. Why should anyone else do them favors.

2. Loftin has shot his mouth off more then anyone in this process so that sure doesn't help bad feelings left behind. In fact, he probably has damaged this more then anyone else.

3. You don't get to tell everyone to s***w off that you are leaving then decide to come back and do laundry on Sundays. It doesn't work that way.

4. Texas is booked through 2018 for OOC. Why should Texas pay buyouts to put TAMU back on its schedule.

5. I see more media gushing over this rivalry then actual alumni at least on the Texas side.

TAMU is going to have to get used to not playing in Texas and starting new traditions rather then relying upon old ones. LSU, Bama, Auburn, UF don't care about UT, Baylor, and Tech just like the inverse. TAMU has chosen to leave and let it be known they were going to a better place. In doing so there were certainly going to be trade-offs this one included.

Sam Lombardo

The Longhorns deserted the Aggies and the confrence when the created that travesty called 'The Longhorn Network'. I'm a long time Aggie fan (and Miami fan) but there is no way I can support the Longhorns v the Aggies since the inception of that rediculous network.

For the record; the Longhorns ended the game and the rivalry.

 Tom Matt

Texas could continue the game If A&M would sign Sherman to a lifetime contract.. gig em


This premise is so preposterous it is almost not worth responding to. a&m is the team leaving the conference. Texas has no obligation to give a&m anthing. a&m NEEDS its rivalry with UT to be anything. Even when they are good, they are bad. It will indeed be interesting to see just how much of a draw they are to Texas athletes when the only games they play in Texas are at College Station. (Jezus, have you ever been to that place.) Any kid wanting to play in the SEC that bad can find at least 10 other schools to play at that are in more desireable locations. And if they want Mama to be able to see their games, Mama might be driving to Baton Rouge or Fayetville to watch her baby get is tail kicked, but she shure ain't driving to any other SEC locations. a&m's unearned pride has exceeded its questionable wisdom. Why should UT give them the chance to play one redeeming game a year anymore. It means NOTHING to Texas. It means everything to a&m. Wonder how they will fare when they have no century long hatred to fuel their one big game of the year? Can you spell EMPTY?

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