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When (if?) Miles Austin returns Laurent Robinson must return to No. 3

IRVING - Ranking the Thank God surprises at Valley Ranch this season:

1. Dan Bailey. Who are we kidding?
2. DeMarco Murray. Ride it as long as it lasts.
3. Sean Lee. When healthy, the guy can make plays.
4. Laurent Robinson. See below 

Entering training camp the Cowboys were thought to have three legit receivers in Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Jason Witten. After that, it was a reality TV guy, Kevin Ogletree, and some guy the Rams no longer wanted.

When Laurent Robinson hurt his hamstring in training camp, even he thought this may be it.

"A little bit. At first when I came here and hurt my hamstring I thought, 'Oh boy, this may be the end of it,'" Robinson TOLD ME on Monday. "I had to work my butt off to get back. I just wanted to hurry up and get back as fast as I could."

Robinson said he didn't quite mentally believe he was done, but he knew the reality existed.

Robinson is no dummy. Guys who play college ball at Illinois State, as Robinson did, realize they don't have the pull to pull a big head. A veteran of four NFL seasons - two with Atlanta and two with St. Louis - he knew that score before he arrived in Dallas. There is a reason why the person he sits next to in team meetings is Tony Romo.

The Cowboys would not be screwed without Robinson's unexpected production this season, but he has helped fill a tremendous void.  When either Dez or Miles Austin have gone down with injury, Robinson has stepped in and provided a legit threat for Romo. He is tied with Dez Bryant for the second-most catches on the team with 38.

"I don't worry about putting too much pressure on myself. Just show up. Make plays blocking or catching," Robinson said. "I am feeling confident and playing fast. They gave me the opportunity; that's all it's been about. I feel like I can make plays. Miles went out, and that helped me out a lot; it was the right opportunity at the right time. I am here at the right time." 

As productive and reliable as Robinson has been, when Austin returns from his latest inury, which could be Sunday in Arizona, Robinson must return to his role as No. 3 WR. Dez is the scariest threat this team has, and Austin is better than Robinson ... when healthy.

Regardless, Laurent Robinson has been one of the most important surprises this team has had this season.

Cowboys WR stats:

Dez Bryant 10 games, 38 rec., 620 yds., 6 TD
Laurent Robinson 9 games, 38 rec., 554 yds., 7 TD 
Miles Austin 6 games, 28 rec., 403 yds., 4 TD


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He will not have to worry, because Miles will be injured again before long. Miles will show up again during his contract year.

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