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Book review: Don't expect Tina Fey when reading Mindy Kaling's new book

Mindy-KalingMindy Kaling has quietely built a large, cult-like following of comedy nerds who enjoy her dark and depricating humor. Originally hired to write for The Office, she eventually joined the ensemble cast of lovable weirdos and has since established herself as one of the growing list of funny women in Hollywood.

She recently wrote, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" and other concerns) that is currently on some best seller list. It seems every book is on a best seller list.

When I opened this book I was expecting some variation of "Bossypants", the Tina Fey memoir that sold eight billion copies. Mistake. Fey's book is funny, but it is a memoir filled with frustrations and anger.

Kaling's 222-page sprint is part very brief memoir, but more of a comedy routine and obversational look at the world through her eyes. She writes down her favorite comedy moments - Will Ferrell in the phone booth in Anchorman - and ideas on fashion, dating, casual sex, marriage, weight, family and Hollywood. Kaling's love of her parents comes through about every fifth page, and she sounds like a girl who still can't believe she made it. 

She is brutally honest about everything, including herself, Hollywood and getting into those parties and the overrated gift-bags celebs receive after those award shows.

Kaling is a very smart woman who has worked her way from the low-rent apartment days in New York to owning a home in L.A. and breaking in to Hollywood's brutal inner circle.

This is a fun, light read that will make you laugh a few times.  


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