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Contrasting the Mavs and Knicks centers after Game 1

ImageBrendan Haywood is a pretty nice, affable and decent guy to talk to. He's also a pretty nice, decent backup center. 

We know that because not long after the Mavs gave him a big contract two summers ago they traded for Tyson Chandler, and shortly thereafter made Tyson the starter.

In the first game without Chandler as their starting center, the Mavs interior defense looked nothing like it did last season when he was in the middle. Chandler is now in New York, and made his debut just before the Mavs unrolled their 2011 title banner.

Haywood's line in Game 1: 14 min., 0-2, 3 reb, 2 turnovers, 4 fls, 0 points

In the Knicks first game with Chandler in the middle as their starting center: 
37 min., 1-2 fg, 5-8 ft, 3 reb, 2 assist, 6 blk., 2 fls, 7 points

Chandler is never going to be a scorer, but the guy can defend the perimter on screen and rolls, and just completely changes the way teams can go at the rim. He's already a hero in NYC.

It's just one game, and the 36-hour training camp could explain a lot of why the Mavs' looked so bad in their 105-94 loss against the Heat. But the Mavs are kidding themselves if they think Brendan Haywood can be a productive, defensive force in the middle of a contender.


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