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Craig James tells Fox News he lives on "Real Street"

032-CraigJamesCraig James has come out of hiding to formally announce he will run for U.S. Senate. He was on Fox and Friends this morning where he talked about his candicacy for the first time, and spewed some political verbage that sounded very Romneyian.

"I’ve started jobs and created jobs. I understand the economy and our world," James said on the show.

Here are my feelings on this subject from a previous column.

James was pithy on the show this morning, and full of not a lot to say. He's going to sell his story of that of a kid who was raised by a single mom and came from nothing. It's true - James is a self-made guy.

"I ate a lot of ketchup only sandwiches," James said on the show. "Our country is changing. Washington is off its rails. I'm living on Real Street. I understand the economy and our world."

The person I want to fix this economy is a college football analyst. And what is Real Street? Got me. But it sounds good, which is half the political fight.

The Fox host asked James about the Texas Tech fiasco and overcoming that:

"We supported our son. There are no allegations. It's indisupitable amongst players, coaches, trainers doctors," James said. "Everyone there knew that Adam (James) had a concussion and on back to back practices Mike Leach ordered him in dark, solitary confidement. You can't do that to a human being. As people have found out what happened they understand. There are some who don't want to open their eyes and understand reality. We supported our son. What does that mean to me?"

At this point James goes into some self-serving blah, blah, blah about how he can serve or ... some empty pile of junk.

"I will stand against evil. Right is right, wrong is wrong, it's never right to do wrong," he said.

A friend of mine who works for a senator in Austin told me a few lobbyists are already leaning on James to not run in this race. That he has no chance of defeating Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the Republican primary in the spring.

"I'm out of the things I've enjoyed and I'm going to take that to Washington to make a change and make a difference," James said.

Click here for the FoxNews video.

According to a poll conducted by Baselice & Associates in early Nov., Dewhurst leads the pack with 50 percent. James was not a member of the race then so he's not included in the poll.

Prediction - James gets blown out in this race, will return to calling games in the fall, and will never try politics again.

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Han Solo

Craig James is a joke. I can only wonder what his real motivation for running for office is.

I look forward to him coming to Waco.

James is a pathetic loser


To bring down cost and time to degree, High Speed Universities fundamentally changed the business model of higher education. Traditional universities, with their residence halls, football teams, laboratories and theaters, would have difficulty following in High Speed Universities footsteps.


I hated craig james on espn and i'll hate him in politics. I can't wait for this election cycle to be over so he can go back to doing crunches and bugging mike leach.


He will forever be remembered for the Texas Tech fiasco. He will never be able to recover from that.

What an embarrassment.

Running for the Senate. You have got to be kidding.


If it helps to get Craig James totally away from being a sports analyist, then let him run and get his butt kicked. This move to politics is, once again, his ego taking control of his mouth.

He has no credibility for even trying to run for the Senate.

I doubt he could get elected to "commissioner of sewers" much less taking a leap from ESPN to the US Senate.

A fool and his money is soon parted. My hope is he is parted from a lot of his own money to run down this road.

I also hope that ESPN does not rehire this moron. I turn off ESPN when ever I hear his piercing voice.

PS, I am not a Texas Tech alumni, but I hate what he and his son did to the Tech football program. It could have been handled quietly, but Craig wanted the publicity.


I love it that Craig James is running for office. We have till the primary to redicule him. James is worthless.


I love it that Craig James is running for office. We have till the primary to redicule him. James is worthless.

rob rob robby

Craig James went to Stratford High School. Poor people do not now nor did they ever attend Stratford. I know people who were classmates of his. I know people who sent their kids to Stratford.

Was James poor compared to the typical SMU student? Perhaps.

Independent Texan

Actually, Stratford HS is a very diverse school now, with a minority population of probably close to 40% of the student body, and something like 25% qualifying for free lunches. So do your homework.

It was whiter and more uniformly upper middle class when Craig was there, but I can attest, as a classmate of his, that Craig was indeed a relatively poor kid as compared to the average Stratford HS student.

rob rob robby

I do not need to you tell my anything, Independent Texan. I have two nieces who graduated from Stratford fairly recently. I was in the Memorial area near Stratford for Christmas.

And again I know at least two classmates of James.

And most important of all I know poor.

But thanks anyway.

rob rob robby

Let me add that a very close relative of mine was recruited extremely hard by the Spring Branch ISD and I think that Independent Texas is nothing more than a Craig James for Senate shill.

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