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Dirk wants Tyson Chandler back, but the money is going stupid; sounds like Tyson is gone

Mavericks_thunder_basketball1DALLAS - Dirk Nowitzki said this morning that Tyson Chandler is family forever. That's the type of bond formed when a team wins a title.

Looks like the family is breaking up. The Google is abuzz that the Mavs center is close to signing a deal with the Knicks for four years at $60 million. The Warriors are in on this as well, which further drives up the price meaning the Mavs could be left with Brendan Haywood as their starting big man.

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"As a player you won it once and you'd obviously love to have the same core back and defend our title that way. But we understand it's a business so we have to wait and see what happens," Dirk said this morning. "The free agency period is going to be a couple of crazy days. We start practice tomorrow and we don't know who the team is going to be."

Sounds like, right now, it won't include Tyson Chandler.


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NBA Insider

Me agrees with you. Chandler's money is HUGE but doable. The thing is; Cuban wants to go after Dwight Howard and or Chris Paul. Chris Paul would make the Mav's young. And the Mav's need youth bad.


Lets not build in unnecessary excuses for the Mav brain trust (i.e. Cuban) on Chandler leaving.

Cuban can match any offer because the Mavs have Bird rights on Chandler. The issue is do we want to match MARKET VALUE. What Chandler can get from two other teams bidding isn't stupid money. It is NBA market value.

Now, should Cuban match it for Chandler? Dirk blossomed like never before with, for the first time in his playoff career, someone playing like a decent NBA center. But, if Cuban really thinks he can save that money and get a Dwight Howard, then OK.

But, the proof will be in the pudding in the long run about whether Cuban chooses wisely. But, market value for Chandler is a GM question for a top GM, not one Cuban should be given a free pass because its "stupid money."

Lets hope Cuban is more right about this franchise decision on the worth of a center (or not) than he has been on every center he has ever acquired not named Chandler. The list of centers that Cuban has been wrong about is long and ugly. Haywood, Damp, Diop all the way back to guy we got from Denver and way overpaid.

Has Cuban made a poor call on this center decision? Not yet. But, his batting average says its way more likely he strikes out than gets a homer.

Micaela Lopéz

It's not the same w/o Tyson, JJ, Butler, Brewer + Stevenson..they're suppose to be in Dallas defending their Championship :/ we need to be more defensive, what tyson and the guys brought to the team was magical!! Thanks Mr. Cuban for messing it up!!!

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