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Fearle$$ football predictions

The Big Mac Blog began this season with $50 of Monopoly money. I plan to mock bet $10, against the line, five games from college/NFL every week to determine whether I should make my second career as a gambler.

Update: This past week was worse than I thought. Thanks to Big Mac Blog reader Mike Jones, my holiday season was almost tragic. I originally thought I won the Baylor game, but it turns out the line was smaller than I recalled. I finished 0-5 last week. At least I was consistent.
I am now down to plus $40 for the season. If things don't turn up quickly soon, I'll be at the ATM very soon.

Last week's picks:
1. Iowa vs. Oklahoma (-14) in the Insight Bowl. HAWKEYES. LOSS
2. Washington vs. Baylor (-9.5) in the Alamo Bowl. HUSKIES. WIN
3. Dolphins at Patriots (-9.5). PATRIOTS. Large. LOSS
4. Cardinals at Bengals (-4.5). CARDINALS. LOSS
5. Tim Tebow at Buffalo (-3). TEBOW. LOSS

Pflugrad1_display_imageThis week's picks:
1. Oregon (-6) v. Wisconsin. DUCKS. Speed, speed, speed.
2. Michigan (-2.5) v. Virginia Tech. WOLVERINES. Brady Hoke has that thing going. 
3. Ravens (-2.5) at Bengals. RAVENS. I am really hoping I am wrong on this.
4. Colts at Jaguars (-3.5). COLTS. The worst thing they can do is win, and they will.
5. Penn State v. Houston (-7). PENN STATE.

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mike jones

you went 0-5. Baylor covered. 11>9.5



Go Bengals! True that. True that. True that.

Colts Fan

I hate to say it, but I think you're right about the Colts. Its too bad. Indy needs a QB of the future soon. Love Peyton but he might only have a few more good years left in the tank.

Colts Fan #1

Thank god you were wrong about the Colts!

Andrew Luck -- Welcome to Indianapolis!

(You'll love our airport. No meth!)

keylogger for Mac

This is so funny. I thought we weren't going to hear from you for three days and everytime I refresh, there's a new fun post!

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