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It's Bill Maher ... what did you expect?

Alessandra_ambrosio-730The bowl season is really here now and Penn State is in Dallas for the SomethingBowl. This report out of Pittsburgh has Penn State pursuing Titans head coach Mike Munchak for the gig. Is it a good job now?

This Victoria's Secret model is expecting baby No. 2.

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Bill Maher for years was a fairly obscure comedian doing bits to a not too large audience until he landed his own late night TV show in 1994 and discovered the beauty of celebrity. His show Politically Incorrect made him a star and gave him a wider audience primarily because he was surrounding himself with names, and he took it from there by routinely dominating the conversations about daily topics amid thespians and musicians who were not trained for such a competitive discourse.

He is a trained comic who cut his teeth in nightclubs and honed his wit before rough crowds to get a laugh, and a reaction. It is his trade.

So why is anybody surprised Maher would cross the line when he took a Tweet shot at Tim Tebow? Over the weekend, Maher Tweeted: "Wow, Jesus just [expletive] #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere ... Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo's killing them"

Tebow's Broncos were crushed in Buffalo over the weekend. As expected, Tebow didn't respond to Maher's tweet.

Maher recognized the lightning rod that is Tebow, took a shot, and just got a little more famous.

Billmaher_photoMaher is an avid aethist who made a movie in 2008 called "Religulous" which pretty much ridicules organized religion. Making fun of religion has become perhaps his most stable bit, has made him famous, and probably a little wealthier, too.

This is what he does - makes jokes that offend. 

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It must be nice to have such freedom of speech as he does, knowing it was granted by those he has ridiculed throughout his career. This guy hides behind pop culture in the name of a buck. If you notice, he only goes after "White Conservatives", a real tough guy. You wil not see him go after the minorities or women, go figure.

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