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Jason Garrett's impossible task: Covering for Jerry

9uyiN.St.58Jerry Jones told Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket recently that he is not retiring any time soon, and that he is not going to give up his duties as the Cowboys' general manager. It is not like he needs the money. He loves his job. He is 69, appears to be in excellent health, so surrender the idea that someone else will be making the football decisions with this team any time soon. And when that day happens, the person making said calls will also be named Jones.

Jason Garrett knew this when he turned down the head coaching jobs in Atlanta and Baltimore in 2008. He turned those down because this is the job he wanted. Red knew the risks, and the perception problems that come with being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. One of those problems is that Garrett, or any Cowboys head coach other than Jimmy or Bill, is a cast member of the Muppetts. 

When Jerry walked on the sidelines on Dec. 24 it was a nothing. Several owners walk on the sidelines of to watch their team play, usually late in the game. But when Jerry gave Red a message during the game it just furthered the perception of a meddlesome owner trying to look important.

The picture is a riot. You can almost hear the dialogue: "Jason, candidly, the Giants have lost which means we don't need to win this football game any more. Seriously. I'm not tryin' to be trite. We need to win the football game in New York next week more than we need to win this football game now. So we need to dial it back and not 'git' our players hurt."

I can't ever recall a GM walking down to the sidelines, dugout or bench to send the head coach a message. This does not mean messages aren't relayed from GMs, or owners, during a game but to deliver it personally puts the head coach in an awkward position.

RdcBw.St.58On Monday, Garrett called it a non-issue. What is he going to say? If he criticizes Jerry for doing it, the story explodes. If he says nothing, he looks weak.

Since Jerry has no plans on retiring any time soon and his hands will be all over the football decisions of this team for at least a decade, at the very least he can at least not put his head coach in this awkward position and just send a text, direct message Tweet or post something on Red's Facebook wall.


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Jones is feels so self-important he clearly and simply cannot help himself. Like an alcoholic who can't stop at one drink, his own personal insecurities precude him from treating every moment of Cowboys football drama as a time for his own self-promotion.

And as is so often the case, this time he comes off looking like a boob to even the most forgiving of apologists, and like a meddlesome nitwit to the rest of America. I wonder if he knows it?

What is so amazing to me is that he has very public interventions on such things -- the accountability of public rebukes from the mainstream press and a very unforgiving social media network -- and yet he's so immersed in his own arrogance that in over 20 years it hasn't made one whit of difference.

Tio Tomas

The cowboys will never win another championship with Jerry as GM. He will never fire romo as qb, because Jerry made a 67 million dollar pr bet on his football "genius". Jerry will have no egg on his face because of romo, nor will he have another lombardi trophy.


Jerry has delusions of grandeur (thinks he's a GM). There is no way he should get credit for the early Super Bowls other than hiring Jimmy. You don't walk into the league, win three championships and then go into an abyss of 15 years of futility. It's clear that there were different dynamics in place back then and the variable is that Jimmy is gone and Jerry is still there. As for the future look at the roster:

No center, no guards, an over-rated tackle (Free), no defensive ends, a missing inside linebacker (we drafted a hurt linebacker in the 2nd round - genius), an outside linebacker who is a bust (Spencer), no safeties and maybe one good corner (Jenkins). And the answer to this is Jerry Jones?

Bob Witmer

It's Jerry's world, the rest of us just live in it.

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