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Jon Daniels asked C.J. Wilson to go to the Marlins

CjDALLAS - For the second time in as many offseasons the Rangers had the top free agent pitcher on the market, and they are now 0-2 in keeping those guys. 

Last year, it was Cliff Lee. This year it's C.J. Wilson, who signed a five-year, $75 million deal with the rival Angels.

The Rangers were really never in this the moment the years went beyond four.  Wilson did say Rangers GM Jon Daniels called him late last night basically to say, "Congratulations."

"He said, 'I respect where you are and where you've come from as a reliever to be a starter,'" Wilson said this morning. "Is there any way I can convince you to go to the Marlins?"

Wilson admitted that part of the Angels strategy in signing him to such a lucrative offer is that it weakens their chief AL West rival while adding to their own team.

"We're talking about an ace-type starting pitcher," Angels GM Jerry Dipoto said.

No. He's not. We're talking about a very good Major League pitcher, but not an ace-type. That's why the Rangers were right to let this guy go. That's too many years.

The advantage for Wilson is that he does not have to be an ace type in Anaheim of Los Angeles. Even though this deal financially is not what Lee had last year with the Phillies, there are similarities in that Wilson enters a rotation where he does not have to be The Man. Wilson may not be more than the fourth-best starter on his team.

Jared Weaver
Ervin Santana
Dan Haren
C.J. Wilson

"It's great to be part of something like that. The competiviness in me, and I know Dan and Jared personally, those are great dudes and great pitchers," Wilson said. "We are going to try to push each other to get better. You don't have any less pressure because you have good guys around you it's you have more. It helped me the last few years with Derek Holland and Neftali Feliz when I was in the bullpen. It gave me the incentive to be the No. 1 guy in Texas and it will be the same thing in Anaheim."


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What is going to be even better for the Rangers is if these BIG signings by LAA blows up like the Eagles "Dream Team" did. I'm not wishing any injuries on any LAA player, I'm just saying that the Rangers are still the AL Champs, until someone beats them.


Angels pitching got better and Angels got the premier hitter in the MLB. BUT, can their current lineup protect him from becoming the all time "base on balls" championship of the AL. The Angels are one/two hitters from being a significant threat to the Rangers.

HOWEVER, that status is all based on having; 1)Ogando regain his first half form and can he pitch deep into the 2nd half this season, 2) Holland step up his game to take over for CJ as the Ace, 3) will Netali become a good starter and not follow Ogando's lead in his first full season of starting, 4) will Texas hitters have fewer injuries this season, 5) a minor leaguer step up and make the rotation, 6) with CJ's departure will the weakened starting pitching staff cause havco in the bullpen with fewer innings pitched.

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