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Kevin Durant is a bad, bad man

Not that we didn't already knows this, but OKC forward Kevin Durant can play. He turned OKC into Rucker Park last night against the Mavs.

Durant put the Mavs at 0-3 this season with this great shot last night to end a 104-102 game. Durant finished with 30 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 steal and 6 assists. 

Why was 6-foot-11 Lamar Odom not trying to guard him rather than 6-foot-7 Shawn Marion? Not sure it would have mattered, but Odom has a much greater wingspan.



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The Mavs chance of making it back to the finals is probably 1 in 4. They'll make the playoffs and after that the Mavs will shine.

Here is the real question... Can the Mavs play well enough to attract Chris Paul or Dwight Howard.

Howard is who Cuban and the Mavs are after. They better perk up and keep it close or the super prized free agents might be more willing to take a pass on coming to Big D.

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