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Miles Austin clears up the 'lost in the lights'

104354398_display_imageIRVING - Miles Austin graduated from The Jason Garrett School for Talking to the Media and says a lot of words politely without actually revealing anything.

For instance, Austin was a friend of Sam Hurd when the Bears receiver was with the team. I asked Austin today if he was aware of the news about Hurd's arrest for drug trafficking. Austin said he had heard what had happened, but would not say another word about it.

"Only as it relates to football," Austin said.

One question people were curious to ask Austin is what happened in the waning moments against the Giants. The scene: Cowboys are trying to run out the game and face a 3rd-and-5 from its own 25 with 2:25 remaining. Tony Romo's pass for Austin is just over his fingers. Cowboys punt. Giants score TD. Giants win. Cue Hell week for Cowboys.

Romo said after the game that Austin told him he got it lost in the lights. This is nitpicking, but that's not quite what happened.

"I wish I would have reacted better, to be honest with you," Austin TOLD ME on Thursday. "It was a missed opportunity. That would have been huge for us in the game. Just gotta get better than that. I wish I would have reacted earlier, sooner to the ball."

Austin said he is 100 percent healthy, meaning his injured hamstring had nothing to do his not catching that ball.


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Mac: You left out a VERY important sentance in this blog. JG learned from Jaharry to BLAB,BLAB,BLAD around for several minutes, doging the question and talking around the subject. So this policy has just been passed on down to the rest of the staff and most of the players.


reacted TO THE BAD PASS is what he meant.

when a stand up guy hems and haws about this type of thing, it often means they're trying to avoid mentioning someone else's mistake.


I'm a Romo fan but that was his fault IMO. Miles is just a standup guy and trying to deflect criticism away from his QB.


Of course, Tony Romo, didn't do the same for Miles.


It really doesn't matter where the fault lies, the pass was incomplete. No one completes 100% of their passes. One thing about Romo is he doesn't make excuses, and boy could he, with all the dropped passes, and sorry routes that receivers run from time to time. Romo did get another chance, and performed magically, moving us into field goal range with only 46 seconds. Romo hasn't had a defense since he has started as QB, and until he does, the Cowboys will not win a Superbowl. Romo gets all the blame ( even in a game with 4 TD,s and a 141 QB rating )and very little credit for making us competitive. I hope he plays for us for 9 more years!


Watch this play from the endzone, and then tell me why Austin is drifting towards the sideline? Uhhh, what kind of route IS that? A fade? Austin is the sole blame for blowing that catch.

This is why this team will never go anywhere.

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