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One team had Boise State's number: TCU

68548_APTOPIX_TCU_Boise_St_FootballLast night in Las Vegas arguably the greatest four-year run in college football history ended when Boise State did as expected and put a beat down on Arizona State in the WhoCares? Bowl, 56-24.

Click here for a good column on Boise State's final game that will end this amazing run.

After a 15-year college career, Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore is finally done. Moore won 50 games, which is five more than any other quarterback in college football history. He lost three times.

Two of his three losses came against TCU. Boise State's senior class finished 6-0 against BCS teams. 

Their three defeats:
In 2008, Boise lost to TCU, 17-16 in San Diego.
In 2010  Boise lost to Nevada, 34-31 in Reno.
In 2011, Boise lost to TCU, 36-35 in Boise. 

It should be noted Boise State also defeated TCU, 17-10, in the Fiesta Bowl in 2010. 

Any way you cut this, these achievements from both schools are impressive.

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Frog fan

TCU never shuddered never shook when they had to face Boise State. When TCU is focused and and doesn't "psych itself out" defeating themselves it is very hard to beat TCU. Fiesta Bowl TCU was wrapped up in the moment just like in SWC days playing UT or A&M...TCU mentally beat themselves even though they had the talent to win. In the Rose Bowl and the 2011 game against Boise State TCU did not wrap themselves in the pressure, the excitement, the crowd but just played hard nose football and won the game. If TCU can focus themselves in the Big 12 and not get overwhelmed by the environment then TCU can win the Big 12 and possibly a national championship one day as they are very hard to beat as a mentally prepared focused team.

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