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Quote of the day

The_social_network_stillMark Zuckerberg: I was drunk, and angry, and stupid... 

Marylin Delpy: ...and Blogging. 

Mark Zuckerberg: And Blogging. 


Facebook Mac Engel


Tommy Lee

Here's a memorable quote from a not so memorable 'starlet'

Lindsay Lohan
"I want to get married before I'm 30. And I'd like to win an Oscar before then"


From Seinfeld

"Krammer is going to Fantasy Camp!?! His whole life is fantasy camp.

People should plunk down $2,000 to live like him for a week. Do nothing. Fall ass backwards into money. Mooch off your neighbors and have sex without dating. That's a Fantasy Camp baby!"

Red Blaze

From the movie 'On Deadly Ground'

Stone describing Steven Seagal's character

"My guy in D.C. tells me that we are not dealing with a student here, we're dealing with the Professor. Any time the military has an operation that can't fail, they call this guy in to train the troops, OK?

He's the kind of guy that would drink a gallon of gasoline so he could piss in your campfire!

You could drop this guy off at the Arctic Circle wearing a pair of bikini underwear, without his toothbrush, and tomorrow afternoon he's going to show up at your pool side with a million dollar smile and fist full of pesos. This guy's a professional, you got me?"

Emma Law

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These are just some of the best quotes you'll hear in movies.

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