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Reviewing The Rusty Taco - the taco is the new burger

RustytacosignDALLAS - Driving north on Harry Hines Blvd. in Dallas I was in search of a place that would qualify as less-than-desirable which assured me good food, aggressive prices and generally something the board of health would avoid.

I thought I hit such a place when I bumped into The Rusty Taco in the sprawling medical district in Dallas. Another lesson in do not judge a restaurant by its cover.

Click here for the restaurant's website.

What originally started as a litte place on Greenville Avenue in Big D has chained out to a few spots in Dallas, one in College Station and another in Minnesota.

The Rusty Taco is as the name suggests, it's all about the taco. The taco has become the new hamburger - they are getting slightly pricier and increasingly tricked out. Gone are the days of beef, cheese, lettuce and grease. In are the days of healthy, fruit, shredded this or grilled that all for $3.99.

TacosThe Rusty Taco offers a handful of Mexican style sodas, and more than 10 tacos, of which I sampled three: Brisket, Rusty and Fish. As you can see by the shot, the tacos lean on the smaller side but are not bad. They aren't great, either.

The shells were soft and tasted like your ordinary taco shell.

The Rusty Taco is filled with achiote marinated shredded pork, and topped with pinepple, onion and clinatro. Of the three I ordered, this was the best one.

You are not going to get a bad taco here, the service was very good and I would stop again if in a rush, but you can find better tacos.

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