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Sean Williams sums up the Mavs 1st 2 games by losing his lunch on the sidelines

Well, that was fast Sinead O'Connor's marriage is over after 18 days. Kardashian was a bit more committed to the institution.

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AhpFoctCMAAL5VqWe are told we have to be patient, so ... let's be patient. This is not the NFL where 0-2 equals the end of the year. Even in this hyper-compressed NBA season 0-2 is still meaningless.

Nonetheless, could the Mavs look any slower? (No)
Could the Mavs look any older? (Yes)

This guy here thinks the Mavs are better off with Lamar Odom rather than Tyson Chandler.

You know it's bad when the TV announcers are left to sift through the rubbage of last night's 115-93 loss against the Nuggets that they are left with the guy who barfed on the sidelines as the team's best player.

Sean Williams went 4-for-4 from the floor with 3 rebounds, 1 block and 1 steal and 1 throwup. 

The Mavs are going to be 0-3 when they lose against the Thunder in OKC on Thursday night. The things should begin to look a little better.

Any team with Dirk and Lamar Odom is not going to look this bad forever, but I'm with you ... this looks bad.


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