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Starting with the Original Market Diner in Dallas, all restaurants need to add a garbage can at your table

SignDALLAS - An idea whose time has come is that restaurants need to put a small waste basket at your table so you can just trash the food rather than wait on the wait staff to do it for you. I can't think of anything else other than to just throw the food on the floor before I throw it in my mouth; even then nothing is guaranteed.

Let's start with the Original Market Diner in Dallas; located at 4434 Harry Hines Blvd. in Dallas, this diner institution is loaded with so many options that there is no way you can push away what you should not eat. I tried that today, and failed. Failed miserably. I blame my waitress; if she had arrived sooner I would not feel like a bloated whale.

Built in the '50s, this place looks like a compressed set from the TV show "Alice". The only thing missing is Linda Lavin looking to land a better role on Broadway.

The waitress suggested either the chicken fried steak, or the meatloaf. I chose the latter. Other than the fact it's smothered in a veggie mix that is solid but too much, the meat is tender and juicy and very good. Whatever criticisms I have for this can't be too bad; the meatloaf somehow vanished from my plate.

PieThe big hit, sadly for me, was the banana cream pie. This pie is so good I wanted to punch myself for ordering it. The whole thing tasted like something like your mother would have made you in the kitchen. I felt fatter just looking at it.

The whole meal was about $15. The atmosphere is throwback, and the people working there are very polite and helpful.

A worthy visit, but it would really help if they added the garbage can at the end of the table.



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