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The NY Times magazine's interview with the parents of Shannon Stone

25stonebaseball1_span-custom1This is a hard one to read, but this comes from the latest New York Times magazine. In this issue the NYT talks to Al and SuZann Stone, the parents of Shannon Stone. Shannon Stone is the firefighter who died when trying to catch the ball that Rangers left fielder Josh Hamilton tossed into the stands at the Ballpark during a game this summer.

Click here for the entire link.

Among the excerpts is this from SuZann: "Shortly after the accident, there was some discussion about whether foul balls should be thrown into the stands to the fans. I wrote to Josh Hamilton, and I said: “Please, don’t stop throwing those balls. Because that’s so important. That’s why daddies bring their little boys to the ballgame is for memories like that. Please don’t stop.”

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