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This Sam Hurd thing is getting worse by the minute

76f7bf5d3e3a1dd60bf2ddada24c3b7bIRVING - News of Sam Hurd's arrest for drug trafficking pretty much took the words right out of everyone's mouth at Valley Ranch on Thursday.

The former Cowboys receiver and special teams player was one of those guys who quoted the bible often, and just never, ever projected the image of being anything other than a pretty good dude. His former teammates and coaches were collectively stunned.

Details of his arrest are beginning to appear, and they aren't great. This link is from 

This story reads like an episode from The Wire.

Among the details was that he bought Mexican cell phones because he didn't think those could be tracked. A Chicago area police officer told a Chicago radio station this morning that Hurd was one of the area's larger dealers.

Here is a link to the U.S. District Court's case against Hurd.

Hurd is from San Antonio and went to college at Northern Illinois.


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