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Why Penn State is still a good job

Joe-paterno-psu1DALLAS - The Penn State football team has arrived in Dallas for the TicketCity Bowl to be played against Houston. Penn State's arrival to this very, very obscure second-year bowl is probably the very best thing that could have happened to this game.

Click here for the game's website.

It's the same game that along Interstate 30 heading east from Fort Worth to Arlington features a large billboard offering four tickets, four hot dogs and four Cokes for $99.

Penn State, at this moment, guarantees serious media coverage. Probably more media coverage than the Cotton Bowl, Armed Forces Bowl or any other bowl that will be played in Texas this season combined. Sadly, it's not the type of media coverage most teams want, but ... 

On Wednesday at the Hyatt in Dallas, a handful of the Penn State players met with the mostly Pennsylvania-based media to talk about the upcoming game, and one of the most bizarre seasons in college football history.

The players Penn State made available to speak to the media on Wednesday have obviously been asked about this situation ad naseum, and they should all be commneded for speaking candidly and without cliche.

"We weren't a part of it and we don't want to be a part of it," Penn State center Matt Stankiewitch TOLD ME.

Penn State has still not named a successor to Joe Paterno, and today Titans head coach Mike Munchak said no to the school.

In football, there are "good" jobs and "bad" jobs. Good jobs feature a program with a lot of support, big time cash and a history of winning. Texas is a good job. Wisconsin is a good job. Penn State used to be a good job. 

Is it today?

8923411-large"Absolutely. To label a whole entire university over something that one man or however many that small group has done would be a shame," Penn State running back Michael Zordich TOLD ME today. "There are so many people that went through that university that made it what it is today. To bring all of those people down because of what a couple of guys, or very possibly just one man, would be ridiculous. It's too great of a university, it's too great of an education, it's a shame to tarnish a whole name over one situation, although it's a huge deal. Don't get me wrong with that - this situation is serious. But I would disagree tarnishing the name just because of it."



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Finally, a voice of reason and fair assessment.
Thank you for not being a hypocritical troll like so many other useless "so called journalists"!


Great comment by Zordich. Too bad interim university president Roddy Erickson doesn't see the situation that clearly. He seems intent on accepting the Sandusky scandal as a Penn State scandal. Go Penn State ... and please go Erickson.

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