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A dog chasing a bone: Mark Cuban still going after the Dodgers

CubanHave to respect a man who is this insistent on trying to get into a club that has all but said, "You are never, ever getting in. Ever. Never, never, never, ever, never."

Mavs owner Mark Cuban is reportedly a member of the 10 bids currently being reviewed to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. The team is up for sale after former owner Frank McCourt finally was forced to sell the club after one of the worst tenures of ownership in baseball history. That says a lot.

BTW - Cuban is the guy on the left in this picture.

If Cuban thinks the NBA and czar David Stern is set in his ways and that the Association is antiquated, he should have a ball dealing with Bud Selig and the forward-thinking baseball owners. Those guys make the NBA look like the Facebook team.

According to this report in the LA Times, Cuban is trying once again to land one of the most famous sports franchises in America.

 The price tag is expected to be around $1.5 billion. Dollars. That's one-point-five billion dollars. 

Among the other suitors are:
* Steven Cohen, a big-time money guy
* Former Dodgers owner Peter O'Malley
* Magic Johnson and baseball exec Stan Kasten
* LA developer Rick Caruso and former MLB manager Joe Torre
* LA money guy Stanley Gold and the family of the late Roy Disney
* Former sports agent Dennis Gilbert with LA money people Jason Reese and Randy Wooster

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