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According to Craig James' tax returns, living on 'Real Street' ain't cheap

Craig-jamesCraig James is building a foundation to run for U.S. Senate from Texas around the idea that he lives on 'Real Street'.

James is calling on the other candidates in the race to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson's Republican seat in the U.S. Senate to release their taxes, a la Mitt Romney.

According to this story in the Washington Post, since 2006 James has reported an adjusted income of $9.1 million.

Imagine what he would be worth if he had accepted some of those fringe benefits when he played at SMU.


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Charlie WILSON

And who is naive enough to believe that James iis the only member of the pony express that did not take the money? Then consider that you want him in congress where corrupttion is a way of life? Fuggetaboutit!

Bob in Arlington

James' "Real Street" ends with his vanity mirror in his bathroom.

Vanity being the operative word!

He has absolutely NO credentials for assending to this office.

He's no Jack Kemp. His background at SMU with that scandal and his latest epic rant against Mike Leach gives a historic view of who he really is and it's not pretty.

His voice patterns and his need to be loud when expressing his view makes him a poor sportscaster and an even poorer candidate for a Senate seat.

I turned off every football broadcast that he appeared on. I can only guess that ESPN is glad he is gone... there ratings will surely rise without him.

So will Texas's!


$9.1 million. Yep thats really living on the street.

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Athletes make the transition to politcis easily. After all, the good ones have been stealing from the owners and public for years in the way of hugely undeserved and overpaid contracts for years. This is why it costs $75 to park at Fenway and why beers cost $9.00. The learning curve to politically stealing and cheating is very short with these guys.

Kip from Fort Worth

This guy is Mr. Irrelevant. I wonder what he is really after because he ain't winning.

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