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C.J. Wilson didn't think the Rangers were going after Yu

C.J.-WilsonAt 7 p.m. tonight Yu Darvish is scheduled to meet the FW/d media with his first press conference since he agreed to a six-year, $60 million deal.

Six years ... for a pitcher ... moving on.

I was clearing out my audio recorder this morning and came across an interview from the morning of Dec. 7, 2011 in the lobby of the Anatole hotel in Dallas. C.J. Wilson was chatting with reporters after he had agreed to a five-year, $77.5 million deal with the Angels when the subject of a certain Japanese pitcher came up.

Wilson was saying why the Rangers were going to be fine, and showering Derek Holland and Matt Harrison with praise when a reporter asked Wilson, "Knowing what you know about that organization do you think they will turn to Yu Darvish and try to get him?"

Wilson said: "Yu Darvish is going to be so expensive, I mean if it was a cost thing with me then I think it may be the same situation with (Darvish). I don't know how that works. I am not doing the books. The Rangers obviously have a very big TV deal coming in and that's how were factoring in the huge offer they made to Cliff Lee. The main thing is they have Josh, Nelson, Mike, Kinsler, and all of those guys that are coming up on free agency as well. They are going to have to make some difficult decisions there as well. They may have to lose another guy at some point. You never know."


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Letting CJ walk without ever making him an offer should tell Ranger fans all we need to know about Darvish, his talent, and his upside. There may never have been a trio of pitching evaluators like Nolan Ryan, Mike Maddux, and Greg Maddox in the same organization. They know both CJ and Darvish inside and out, so I know Darvish is going to meet expectations, if not exceed them, and should lead the Rangers to their first World Championship this year. It is not surprising Wilson did not think we were going after Yu...Wilson, being the 'me' guy that he is, obviously felt that if the Rangers wer not going to offer him a huge contract, then Darvish could not possibly be on their radar. The Rangers knew sharing anything about their plans for Darvish would probably end up on Wilson's Twitter feed, so they kept him in the dark about their plans, and wisely so. The Ranger front office would be formidable poker players, keeping their cards close to the vest. Fielder is next, because he WANTS TO PLAY HERE, and he will take less money, like Jared Weaver, to come here.


CJ was good during the regular season. You could count on 200 plus innings and around 16 wins per season, then he FOLDED during the playoffs. The Rangers were VERY wise to let him walk and take the draft pick plus save his money for Yu and the other core players. Go Rangers, looking forward to the new season and the BIG trophy.

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