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Do you like the Mavs title ring?

RingThe Dallas Mavericks will receive their 2011 NBA Finals ring tonight before the game against the T-Wolves.
Too bad Tyson Chandler, Deshawn Stevenson and a few others who were so vital to this title will have to settle for receiving their jewelry via snail mail.

Shortly after the Mavs won the title, Mavs owner Mark Cuban hinted he was going to do something radical, or at least different, in regards to this time honored tradition for NBA champions. 

Reportedly these things cost $40,000 each. I guess if you can afford it ......... 

This diamond-encrusted ring is pretty cool, but in terms of radically different ... it appears Cuban went the safe route to appease his players, namely the one named Dirk, and stayed with tradition.


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Yeah, they'll look great in the pawn shops in 10 years.


Darned handsome rings, in my opinion. Cool that there are 31 diamonds for the 31 years of the franchise.

Glad Cuban bowed to tradition.


Great design, great ring! There is not a thing wrong with tasteful understatement. Many of these championship rings, regardless of sport are so gawdy I don't blame the athletes for wanting to unload them.
This, in contrast, is an incredible piece of jewelry.


I'd like one!!

The Tubes

I like the ring better than most years. But let's face it. It could be the ugliest thing on the planet and it would still be really cool. It's an NBA championship ring! Not much better than that.

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