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HBO's look at horse racing in "Luck" worth a look

Luck-posterCaught the pilot of the new HBO series "Luck" last night, and even though it's a little hard to follow, and some of the dialogue is a little hard to understand, this series looks like a winner. 

Not a winner in the mold of The Sopranos or The Wire, but a solid hit.

Starring Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte, Jill Hennessy, Richard Kind, Dennis Farina and co-created by one of slickest filmmakers around - Michael Mann - this drama has just about everything possible going for it.

The show weaves in the stories and life around the world of horse racing, which despite its continued fall from the mainstream culture still features some of the most diverse ensemble of players of any sport. From organized crime to the trainers to the jockeys to the gamblers to the state of the track, the show has a face for all of it.

If you like horse racing, try this show. Luck is the most accurate depiction of the horse racing life ever put to screen, good and bad. And the horse racing scenes put you in the middle of the race, on top of the horse.

If you like good acting, try this show. Hoffman and Nolte alone are worth watching.

If you like high-end production, try this show. Ever since he started Miami Vice the TV show back in the '80s, one of Mann's greatest gifts as a filmmaker is giving every scene a high-definition, "cool" appearance.
Mann's fingerprints are all over "Luck", from the actors right down to the score.

This nine-episode season continues next week. I suggest you catch the first episode, and give the rest a shot.

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Kassandra | Labor Posters

This is such a great movie this year, let's watch it. :)

Matt C

Great article! I agree with you about you about your comparison to The Sopranos. That is going to be a hard one to top. This cast is amazing, especially Hoffman (Ace). I was glad to see him pick up a role like this! Here is the HBO site for the synapse for those who haven's seen it yet:

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