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Just wondering: If Peyton Manning is available, should the Cowboys take a shot?

Peyton-manning-rehab-neck-nfl-lockout1Kudos to both Peyton Manning and Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz for this very long interview with the Colts QB about his status with the team. Good to see the local player doing the exclusive interview with the guys who cover the team every single day.

Moving on ... Manning's status with the Colts remains 50/50. If that. He is the single hardest decision in the history of pro sports in Indianapolis. This is a guy who brought that city its first major pro sports title (the ABA doesn't count), legitmized what had been a mostly terrible franchise, helped get a new stadium built, which landed them this coming Super Bowl. 

He is also 36, coming off neck surgery, is due a $28 million bonus in March and the Colts have the top pick in the draft, which they will use to select Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

The business part of the NFL says cut Manning. The emotional part of anybody in Indy says this guy is different. So what to do? Only Colts owner Jim Irsay knows what he is going to do. The interview Manning did with Kravitz makes it sound the QB knows he's gone.

If/when the Colts release Manning about 15 teams will be interested in adding the Hall of Famer to be their QB for the next three to four seasons. Should the Cowboys be one of those teams?

Cowboys-tony-romo1To do so would be to white flag Tony Romo. Manning may be the one player whose presence would trump Jerry Jones. Manning would immediately become the most powerful player on the Cowboys sidelines, including Jason Garrett. 

Any complaints about who is calling plays would be negated by No. 18. He does what he wants. Manning was the Colts. He took every snap in practice, and everything went through him.

Adding Manning does not fix the current talent problems that exist on that defense. He can't make Dez Bryant grow up, but Manning would be all over Dez in a way that no one else likely ever has. He can't do the draft.

It is fun sports bar debate to pontificate and kick around, but ... I don't see this even being tabled at Valley Ranch.



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That's the only way I can get on board the "Dump Romo" movement. A better replacement has to be available before we move on...and Manning's definitely an improvement.


Love to see this. We need help. We are two wins away from a playoff birth. But it'll never happen. I think Manning still has plenty left in his tank as long as his neck/body can take it. Also, he'll be an amazing coach one day.

This is a great story for people that like sports debates. Let's face, Manning going to ANY TEAM in The League would be a game changer. Manning will shake up any team and division he goes to.

Love Manning. DUMP ROMO!


LOVE TO SEE MANNING IN DALLAS! never gonna happen, but a guy can wish can't he!

Wifi Freddy

I don't see how Manning stays in Indy this year if in fact he comes back at all. It'll be interesting to see how he does with a different team. He is a great qb that's for sure

Geno Thompson

His real value would be to train the QBs in Dallas as well as coach the team. In the near future, he will be the most winnest football coach in NFL history. No less than 7 superbowl rings as the head coach of a very lucky football team.

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