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Raiders hire L.D. Bell product Dennis Allen for what may be the worst job in the NFL

AllenNext to the Cincinnati Bengals, there may not be a harder head coaching job than the Oakland Raiders. Maybe that will change now that Al Davis is no longer running the team. Maybe.

Either way, this job strictly remains buyer beware.

New Raiders GM Reggie Mckenzie fired Hue Jackson and has hired former L.D. Bell standout Dennis Allen to become their next head coach. Allen had been the Broncos defensive coordinator.

Born in Hurst, Allen was a big-time player at L.D. Bell before he went to Texas A&M where he played safety. Allen was there when A&M was good, and actually played defense.

Restoring the Raiders to prominence may be harder than restoring the Aggies to 'Wrecking Crew' defense.

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If anybody can do it, Dennis Allen can. The kid has got what it takes.


you are a friken idiot. Raiders have the talent just never had the right guy.. Is this texas faggot worthy of coaching the silver and black? Stick to your texas queer cowboy blog.

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