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Ron Washington: From almost fired to another contract extension

Ron Washington 1984 DonrussWhenever the Grim Reaper comes to finally visit Ron Washington many decades from now, my money is on Wash'. Nothing gets this guy.

This is the guy whom after his first season as Texas Rangers manager said he would give himself an "A". And the team finished 75-87 that season.

Today he agreed to a two-year extension through 2014. I lost count how many times this guy was going to get fired.

Wash is proof of what can happen if you just wait.

Here is Wash's record with the Rangers:

2007: 75-87, fourth place in AL West
2008: 79-83, 2nd place in AL West
2009: 87-75, 2nd place in AL West
2010: 90-72, 1st place in AL West - World Series
2011: 96-66, 1st place in AL West - World Series 


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Byrum C.

Wash is the best. Great to have him back! He played a huge role in the team's success last year.


LOVE Washington!!! Great job. Great ocah. I was rooting for him in the series last year as much as I was the Rangers. It's nice to see some of the good guys get rewarded too,

Lord of the Ring

Love to see Ron get a Ring. He is one of baseball's great guys.

Matt P

I'm glad the Rangers gave Washington the extension. 2 Years (3 years if you count this next season) is not a very long extension for a Manager who led his team to back to back World Series appearances. Sure, I certainly don't agree with all of Wash's decisions, but the baseball side of me has been on cloid 9 since the 2010 season. Go Rangers!

Ron Crowson

Don't forget about a guy named Jackie Moore!

Merrick Runstan

Washington can coach. I don't know if the Rangers have the talent to win it all but give him credit (and the new contract) for doing as much as he has with the Rangers. Lots of managers never come close to sniffing what he done.


Wash is the best and I'm happy to get him back. I hope he will able to perform good more than his previous time. Thanks mate.

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