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The Cowboys were always an 8-8 team

Nyc_120102_ohmandwatkinshitThe carnage of a 1-4 collapse is still being accounted for and examined at Valley Ranch.

The reality was the Cowboys' final record accurately reflected their top-to-bottom ability. A couple of field goals here and there is otherwise window dressing on what was from the start of training camp a .500 football team. From the start I thought they would be one of those average 8-8 teams that pulled out a few more close wins to finish with 10 victories and slip into the playoffs.

Narrow should-be wins against the Giants and Cardinals would not mask what most of us knew.

Nearly every single thing that was projected about this team from the start proved to be true. There were simply too many holes for this team to cover with a good quarterback.

I don't believe Rob Ryan is a dope, but I do believe the talent on his defense is sorely lacking. The man needs players.

Their secondary was awful, and as much as I personally hate to say this Terence Newman looked finished in the last month. Why the Cowboys extended safety Gerald Sensabaugh is a mystery. This team received no plays from either safety position all season.

The front seven was hit-or-miss. How much time does DeMarcus Ware have left as a premier rusher? Should the Cowboys bother to keep Anthony Spencer?

The offensive line was erratic. The running game needed DeMarco Murray a lot more than anyone originally projected, which means Felix Jones' status is uncertain. The wide receiver spot was good, but not as good as it should have been. 

Tony Romo, statistically, was about as good as he ever has been but it's not good enough.

Add it up, and 8-8 is what you should get.

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Dead Meat in Arlington

Jerry stepped up and gave a very mediocre Sensabaugh a $24 million dollar contract... Jahree's brain dead.

He took a spin on Deadz Bryant who is now, exactly what he was in college, talented but often disappears and looses focus on the field.

Jahree wouldn't know football talent if it him head on in an automobile crash.

Jerry is tyrannical owner... an autocratic fool who is truly a narcissit of the highest proportion.

The Cowboy fans are doomed under the Jones ownership... they know oil & gas, but don't know diddly or squat about football. See Al Davis.


Jaharry is getting just what he wants. He talks that his number one goal is a winner, but his number one goal is to sell every seat in Jaharry world,every parking spot, T's,caps and programs to every one who enters J/W. He also wants to sell hotdogs,burgers,cheese chips,soft drinks and beer to the cowsheep. That is what Jaharry really wants and he is getting it because the D/A cowsheep keep spending their money with him.


What a bust. I love pro football and I love the Cowboys. We need something. 2 more wins and we would have been someplace. Jerry and Co need to make it work. There are some servicable parts but we didn't get it done this year. I'm wore out. It was fun but what a total disappointment.

Jake T.

What a total bummer. I didn't have much hope that my Boyz would beat the Giants but I was hopeful they would make the playoffs earlier this season. I too love football and have a lot of fun following our beloved Cowboys each year but this season was a difficult pill choke down. I thought we had a 10 win team; a playoff bound team.

The NFL is awesome. Our boys need to show up next year and make a playoff game.

Steven Hecht

I have been going to and watching Cowboy games since 1966. I reveled in the meticulous determination of the Landry teams. No deficit was too large to overcome. They ingrained faith amongst their faithful.
The Jones-led Cowboys seemingly always find ways to lose. It starts at the top: the Jones leadership undermines the coaches.
Also, Jones resolute self-belief in himself manifests itself in poor drafts. Playmakers are few and far between. Not enough to be Super.
With the firing of Bill Polian, Jerry should get on his plane to Indianapolis and beg Polian to resurrect the Cowboys.


We need something. We are a good team. We have a decent qb. We need 2 more wins. I don't know what its going to take but we are soooooo close. Next year --- I hope!

The Cowboys, the saga continues

The year was a bust. Total waste. Jerry has a good product. He isn't perfect (nobody is) but I like him as an owner. This season was fun and exciting at times but its not enough. I want a play off appearance and a shot at the super bowl. The fans deserve more.

Over and Done

The season was a failure. We are the Cowboys. Me/we and the counrty have to be dissapointed. If Big D doesn't make the playoffs then its a waste. I guess there is always next year. Or maybe I can start rooting harder for the Mavs.

Samson Firestarter

I Knew That In The Preseason.....You Silly Fan Boys Will Never Learn

The Mad Tweeter

The season was fun. We just need a couple more wins. We've got a reall good QB and an okay head coach. I'd love it of we hired a real GM. Jones is a great owner but he's got to get a professional to run the organization. Let's hope we get it done soon! Tired of no post season play!!

Stephen Royall

Hi! I disagree with the Cowboys being 8-8 they should be 13-3! Its not the coaching staff's fault that Romo threw key interceptions, offensive line quit blocking at the end of the season, wide receivers dropped wide open passes, newman was out of shape and pointless turnovers! Cowboys need to make key changes hire a real qb coach, and secondary coach! Trade Newman, Spencer, and Doug Free, and Romo if he can't win in December and January!


0-16 or 16-0, I will back the Boys. They'll get it together. Or maybe all the trash talkers on here should suit up. Its easy to criticize from the couch. Only football they know is on XBOX.


We've tried changing coaches. We've tried changing players. Now it's time to try changing owners.

David Keith

Good points.Defence needs fixing.Not Ryans fault,hopefully he can get some of the players he needs in the offseason.Offense is good enough at skill positions.Need more quality depth across the board.We r maybe four players from being serious contenders.Dont think we would have lasted long in the playoffs anyway.Need a quality backup for Romo.Maybe next year.

Eric Johnson

I've been a long time Cowboys fan. The team has had its ups and downs over the years. A good team is centered around its quarter back. I am sorry but, Tony Romo is not a leader. Dallas needs some strong talent that the team can look up to. Good luck next year team!


I always love reading comments about Jerry not knowing anything about football, as if he just struck oil somewhere and bought a football team. He started on the offensive line of a national championship team in college. The same team where he met both Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson. Most the people that say "he doesn't know football" probably didn't even play in high school. Get over yourself and off your lazy-boy.

Randolph Smith

We need a new QB or a threat of a new one a vet back would do just fine it like going to a dance and not having a ticket to get in come on how many years. Will we go on with out a upgrade


Simple summary of the 4 things needed by the Boys to become again the Big D: first...let the specialist do what they do best. This means...Jerry Jones should get a good strong GM, and an experienced aggresive Offensive coordinator. The concept of thensamd person wearing different hats....multitasking has being prove not to be good. Jerry is a good owner, Jason G. A good coach....tike to bring a GM and a good offensive coordinator to get the ship back on track. Second...the secondary line on defense is terrible. Despite the good performance of Shawn Lee...and a couple of other guys....names likes Spencer, Sensabaugh, Newman, Free...should be gone. Ratlif, Costa, Ware...they should stay...they have what it takes...butnew names should be drafted either from college or NFL teams to complement these guys. Now...on the offense...number one need...get rid of Bennet...and get a Power Runnerback. Murray has proven he is great, Tanner needs more time, but has good potential. Felix secondary...but it could be traded. Finally....Dallas needs another good and experienced QB. Romo is good, has vood skills...but the leadership is not there...moreover....the " clutch" skill....when things get ugly and pressure rises.... Romo just does not have it yet. A partner that teaches him that...shold be the key for the QB item. Receivers...Robinson, Austin and Witten...they are good. Dez Bryant....needs to watch out the discipline...if not...better trade him. My two cents on the Boys.

Jim Price

The key to their wins is getting a decent Offensive coordinator. Jason Garrett may suffice as Head Coach,but it was plain to see how the Cowboys come out confused game after game.
Tony Romo holds the ball way too long and ends up getting his butt handed to him time after time. They need to start games with aggression which they have not done except with teams who basically lie down and let them. Momentum starts by catching the defense off guard by hitting receivers quickly with short routs and moving the ball early. Cowboys relied on the Defense all year long to keep them in games so they could come back out and stumble,bumble and fumble their way back to the gatorade line. They actually figured this theory out in the Giants game,but in the second half and down by 21 was too late. They became an 8-8 team because they didn't learn from their mistkes and kept making the same ones game after penalized plagued game.

Michael B.

Complaining at jerry is a waste of time. The cowboys belong to him. What we do need is a new coaching staff and an entire new secondary. The eagles kept Reid because was has proven himself. I don't think Jason Garett has. He was calling questionable plays when he was the coordinator. Find a great coach with some real balls and let him run the team Jerry. Your team our team. I have never thought Tony Romo was a top tear QB. Yet a better o. line would help. We have good receivers, but he needs time to get to them. It was a tremendous help when Murray was healthy. defenses had to take notice. I have and always will be a cowboy fan, but this season should be Jason's last. If you want to pressure Jerry about something pressure him on that.


Start with Romo... Let him go and start over. Get us a real QB and leader. Secondary is next.

howard cramer

As great as Troy Aikman was he had Emmitt Smith and the best offensive line in football. (maybe ever) So Romo is not the problem. Red Jesus turned out to be Red Foxx. Should have been fired before he boarded the bus in Arizona. Jeff Fisher is tough yet a players coach (will he put up with jerry) is the question. Offensive line must improve, still need 2 or 3 more quality players on the line. Skill positions are fine if they can only stay healthy. Defense stinks, softest in football, worst team in the league on 3rd down. Besides Ratliff and Shawn Lee there is not much. Seriously Keith Brookings great guy but was done five years ago. I am worried that if we do not improve quickly Ware's career will be wasted, spencer can play but takes way to many dumb penalties and no one in the secondary can play at all. A good team has safeties who are beasts and corners who can cover. I won't insult Cowboy Nation by even expanding on the secondary. Jerry let's get back to the Star on the helmut standing for more than overpaid underachiever.

Jim Cheesman

Maybe the Japanese business group who bid on the Cowboys' ownership would have been the better option! Jerry Jones needs to step back and look at his football franchise and see that he is driving its future profitability into the ground. Mediocrity has become commonplace in Dallas, basically for the last 15 years'. With no end in sight, yes we'll never be much better than an 8-8 team! Go Cowboys!


It's not really hard to understand as long as the fans fill the seats at JerryWorld he has no incentive to spend the money or make the necessary changes for this team to win.

He is making money off you people win or lose.

He lives in a fantasy world all his own.

Rick Elliott

I think Jerry has it in him to be a great owner, but he's a lousy General Manager. Unfortunately, that's the job he really wants. If he'd hire a good GM and stay out of the way, we could really go places. I was underwhelmed by Rob Ryan's past record when he was hired, though I like him personally. But his pass defense absolutely stinks.

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