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The hottest hockey goalie prospect in the world is Mac Engel

Images-1NAME DROP ALERT: Over the weekend I received a text message from former NHL All-Star and Stanley Cup Champion Bill Guerin, who was scouting a minor league hockey game where the goalie was ... Mac Engel.

Sitting on my desk is an autographed, framed photo of the goalie for the Spokane Chiefs, Mac Engel. It reads: "To: Mac Engel. From: Mac Engel. You have a great name but are not as good lookin'!"

Kids these days ...

You cannot imagine how rare it is to find someone who spells my name verbatim. It's either "Mack", "Matt", "Mark" and or "Engle" or "Ingle". This photo is the best one I could find on The Google Machine. As you can see, Mac Engel doesn't hold a candle to Mac Engel. My God, look at that hair, without product. As you can see, this Mac Engel is good people - he also signs autographs for the kids.

DSC_5016Since my organized athletic career ended because my middle school coach was jealous of me, my dream of reaching any show is now carried via my namesake.

My heart lept with joy when I learned not only is there another Mac Engel, but he is a goalie with a shot at the big time. Mac Engel is the unofficial goalie of The Big Mac Blog. If/when Mac Engel makes it to the show this means I can finally buy an authentic jersey without having to pay the higher "personalized" prices.

Mac Engel will turn 19 later this year (I'm roughly three years older). He is 6-foot, 193 pounds. He is in his second season with Spokane; he is 21-12 with a 2.59 goals against average and a .898 goals against average. He had better numbers last season.

Click here for Mac Engel's bio.

Spokane is currently in third place in the U.S. Division of the Western Hockey League. This is junior level hockey, so there are more levels for Mac Engel to clear before he becomes an NHL All-Star.

ImagesMac Engel needs more help in front of the net if he's going to get to the League. Mac Engel can't do it all by himself. But with a little luck, some good breaks, Mac Engel will one day be in the NHL and we both will know what it's like ... when doves cry.


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Doing it for the kids

You have him beat by a mile in the hair department

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