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The NFL may be the land of fourth opportunity for Uncle Wade Phillips

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Very hard not to be happy for the good people of Houston the entire Houston Texans organization after not only reaching the playoffs this season for the first time but actually winning a playoff game. Even when the Texans lose to the Ravens in the divisional round this season has been an unqualified success.

With the Texans' win against the Bengals on Saturday, Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips improved to 6-13 in the postseason as either a coordinator or a head coach. That type of record should get the man a head coaching job (sarcasm font desperately needed).

Proving once again that stupid knows no limits, the Texans success has convinced the Tampa ownership that Uncle Wade could be a good head coach again. He's scheduled for an interview for their head coaching position.

Star-Telegram writer Charean Williams talked to Wade last week and nailed it when she said he's a great coordinator, but not a good head coach.

628x471Uncle Wade may have stumbled when he called himself "Mr. Fix It" when he really should have called himself Mr. Stat. The man can really throw down numbers on you like Bill James. Defensive rankings this, sacks that. And his resume shows he can give you those things. His resume also shows, repeatedly, for whatever reason that in the postseason the record is continually incomplete. 

Wade is a really good guy who desperately needs a bad cop to his avuncular personality. It's just not in him to drop the hammer. He wants to treat people like men who in turn behave like teenage boys around the substitute teacher.

He is in the ideal spot in Houston, where not only was his father beloved but he has helped turn around a defense that had been awful. The man can coach defenses.

Wade wants to be a head coach again, and Tampa may be stupid enough to give him that chance, but after 30 years you probably have a pretty good idea of what you are going to get.


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I know that a HC will pay Wade a lot more money than the DC for the Texans, but DA@N I hope that he does not get the HC position. Wade is a very good DC, with out the interference from Jaharry, but he is NOT a good HC.

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