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The Rangers better sell a lot of T-shirts to make up for the 6 yr deal for Yu

YuI am a firm believer in the the Doug Melvin School of Contracts for Pitchers. Don't ever go long-term if you can avoid it with a pitcher. Good health and consistent success from a pitcher is the rarest, and most sought-after, commodity in the sport.

The Rangers decided to throw the Melvin theory out the door when they finalized a six-year, $60 million contract for Japanese right-hander Yu Darvish today. A press conference will be today, and Yu should be in town this week. With the posting fee of $50 million the Rangers paid for his rights, this total deal is about $110 million. 

(Is it just me or is Yu Darvish pretty? Like Leo DiCaprio from Titanic pretty ... )

All of this cash for a rookie MLB pitcher who does not speak the language, has never lived here, etc.
No way around this but this deal is a massive risk.

No way around this but these are the greatest times in the history of the Texas Rangers. They are at the top of the baseball world, for the right reasons. Adding Yu Darvish just adds one more ring of interest to this franchise.

Excitement seldom wins games in August, and October. Winning games from April 1 to Sept. 30 has not been this team's problem in each of the last two years.

From a cash standpoint, Yu's arrival should generate revenue that this club never has before overseas, and establish an even greater footprint in the states. 
From a baseball standpoint, this deal only works if the Rangers win the World Series and he is a contributing member to the cause. Yu has to be a celebrity ace that this team currently lacks.

I do not like six years for any pitcher because they so seldom workout. If Yu is a consistent 15 game winner in four of his six seasons here, call it a good deal. If he's more than that and the Rangers can close out the World Series, it's a smashing success.

I don't like this deal, but ... too late now. Enjoy it - the Texas Rangers just landed Yu.

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(Is it just me or is Yu Darvish pretty? Like Leo DiCaprio from Titanic pretty ... )

LOL! I was thinking he looks like Michelle Wie.

He'll look even prettier with the World Series trophy next to him.


good lord but you are dumb. bless your heart.


This is awful

Canon Herrmann

This is why Mac is a sports writer and not a front office executive. The Rangers have done their homework on Darvish for many years. This team is the two time defending AL Champs by making sound decisions in talent. You missed this one Mac, big time. Let's see, listen to Nolan Ryan, MLB strikeout king or a sports writer? You decide.


Oh look, another awful, clueless article from Engel. Umm, it doesn't matter how many Darvish t-shirts, merchandise etc. are sold overseas. That money goes to MLB. Find a different vocation, because you obviously don't know baseball. I'll stick with Andro, Grant, Durrett and Wilson...thank ya very much.


Wow...two ridiculously stupid blog entries by Mac in one week. Annnnd, I'm done here. What an idiot...


Mac Engel must be vying to become the "abrasive" sports columnist in DFW. A retarded post to say the least. Doug Melvin's great. But Doug Melvin's never been to a World Series and the Rangers have lost plenty of top-of-the-line pitchers by not giving them extra years. You don't give 30-year-old pitchers years. But you give 25-year-old pitchers years. And, yeah, it is risky. What competitive franchise in PROFESSIONAL SPORTS doesn't take risks.

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