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The Scott Boras Tigers just added their Prince who at that price will be a toad

Prince-Fielder-1We should have known - Scott Boras' favorite pro baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, just made him a very rich man (again). 
The Detroit Tigers are the sucker du jour, after having given Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder a nine-year deal worth $893 billion.

Actually, it was only $214 million but I like the first figure better. It's the fourth-largest deal in baseball history. Boras can get his big guys some coin.

Comerica Park is not exactly kind to home run hitters, although the chance to move Prince to DH should benefit the Tigers long term, and immediately this season. The Tigers are going to be without DH Victor Martinez, who will not play this season because of torn knee ligaments.

Boras should send Tigers owner Mike Ilitch a 'Thank you' card and a fruit basket every day of the year for this deal, and the others he's signed his clients to. Boras has turned Ilitch into his new Tom Hicks; he's buddied up to him, has his year, and has a large number of high-profile players on the roster.

This was smart money not spent by the Texas Rangers. This means the Rangers will go with Mitch Moreland and Mike Young at first base in 2012. It got them to within one strike (twice) of a World Series. 

Moreland has to be more productive. He batted .259 last season with 16 homers and 59 RBI. Would like to see .275, 20-plus HRs and 80 RBI.


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Mac- I couldn't agree more. I was all ready to be in on signing Fielder when I thought it was a buyers market; but at this price, for 9 years? OUT.

With Cabrera, the Tigers now have $45M a year invested at first base. Sure, they can trade off at DH, while the other imitates a statue in the field, but what do they do when Martinez, who can no longer play catcher, comes back? They say Cabrera can move back to third base; but he makes Michael Young look like Brooks Robinson in comparison. This will not end well.

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