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BCS czars meeting yield ... uhh ... a lot of hot air

250px-Bcs_logo_2010D/FW Airport - The czars that comprise the BCS just walked out of their super-secret meeting here in a meeting room at a hotel at D/FW Airport and they reached a consensus to talk. For this group, that's akin to finishing Mount Rushmore.

Eleven conference commissioners, the Notre Dame director of athletics, BCS executive director Bill Hancock and an attorney were a part of the discussions that are scheduled to conclude tomorrow. There will be another series of meetings next month, likely at this location.

The powers that be are talking about what appears to be several different models to re-format the BCS series. But that's just it. Just talk. Concepts. All 11 conference commissioners presented their own postseason models, and nothing has been eliminated.

It's all on the table - continue the same model, a plus-one, a playoff, etc. But nothing will happen until the summer. Because of the current contracts that exist, nothing will happen until the 2014 regular season.

Slive and BCS executive director Bill Hancock said there is a consensus and concern to protect the regular season. Hancock said there is momentum to play the national title game earlier. And everyone wants to figure out a way not to play games between finals (insert joke here).

Slive called this a marathon, not a sprint. When I asked where he was on this marathon course, he said, "I'm not tired."

Because no one else is sick of this.

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