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Dallas Stars owner targets a top-six forward & will spend money for one

GaglardiJust completed a nice, long conversation with the new owner of the Dallas Stars, Tom Gaglardi

My initial impressions are that this is a hockey man who knows this sport far better than his predecessor. In Tom Hicks' defense, he didn't grow up with hockey and he certainly never played it the way Gaglardi did, and still does.

The interview covered a wide-array of subjects, but what Stars fans are most interested in is will he allow GM Joe Nieuwendyk to acquire a large contract before the NHL's trade deadline? The short answer is yes.

Here is the long answer from the man himself:

"Scoring is a weakness. We are one or two guys away from having a top six NHL team. So I guess the question is - what do we do about that? Do we have some guys in the system that can step in? We might, but not tomorrow.

"Are we looking at making our team better in the top six? The answer is yes. If that means more payroll, are we prepared to do it? The answer is yes. The question is, what is the cost?"

My impression is that Gaglardi is leaving this to Joe Nieuwendyk to create the trade, and he would approve it. That hasn't happened with the Stars in a long, long, long time. But Gaglardi sounds like a man who is committed to the long-term scenario in buidling this roster.

07-oct-10_103061627rm068_colorado_ava_crop_450x500"If you look at the age group of our players, we are still a young team," he said. "Jamie Benn is the next Mike Modano; he's only 22. Does it make sense to bring in a guy that's 35 years old to make the playoffs this year? I don't think so. We want to build around our young guys and be an up and coming team where we know we are going to be good for several years. That is where Vancouver is right now; they put the team together, stuck together, and is now having success. This is where Chicago is and Boston, too. That's the way to do this thing. You can't go out and trade for a bunch of things. 

"We will be pursuing things. I think we will be active in the trade deadline, and certainly during the summer (during free agency). We are not going to be a floor team (of the NHL's salary cap). We can't be a floor team. We have to be in the middle to a top cap team to be able to thrive in Dallas. We want to be successful and be an elite team and I don't think you can do that and be a floor team. My eyes are wide open about this. If you look at Dallas, we will be rewarded if we are competitive. If we are a so-so, blah team the market has spoken there is not enough interest in following that team."

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Chiasson + 1st round pick for Andrei Kostitsyn.

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