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Daytona 500 re-set for 6 p.m. CT tonight ... could this be the start of a new tradition

Daytona-500NASCAR is guilty of over-saturating the sports world with too much of its own product thus devaluing the meaning of a race and decreasing the demand for its product. But NASCAR has never been guilty of not trying new things to keep the product close, entertaining and interesting.

The NASCAR season was scheduled to begin yesterday with the Daytona 500, but heavy rains have delayed it and now the race, weather permitting, will go green at 6 p.m. CT on Fox.

If this thing is a ratings hit do not be surprised if the Daytona 500 becomes a Monday night, primetime event in the future. Traditionally the race that begins the NASCAR season is a Sunday afternoon date. 

There would be a risk of a Monday night rainout meaning the rigs that haul the respective teams to the next race, in this case Phoenix on March 4, would really have to start moving. But NASCAR has always demonstrated flexibility, and perhaps if this Monday night thing works it can rearrange the schedule so the second race of the season is on the East coast.

If the Daytona 500 on Monday night works and both the advertisers and Fox like it, don't think NASCAR is above tweaking its most storied race.

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Dont hold your breath waiting for this to actually be a yearly thing.


Just move all of the races to their SPEED channel so it will not mess up the normal prime channels programs.

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