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Deron Williams and the Mavs ... a marriage that won't happen

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The NBA's second half begins tonight, and your Dallas Mavericks host the Brooklyn Nets. This stretch kicks off what will feel like a baseball schedule for your defending NBA champs - between Feb. 28 and March 13 the Mavs will play 10 games. I still think the NBA should have done double-headers. 

10543203-largeNormally the world wouldn't pay much attention to the Mavs hosting a bad Nets team, but the fighting NJ's feature one of the key players in the summer of 2012: guard Deron Williams. Next to Dwight Howard, where D-Will will go after this season has been of great interest to the NBA world and Russia as well considering the man who owns Nets is Russian. 

Unlike Howard, who has listed approximately 33 clubs as a team would OK a trade to, D-Will talk has been compartively minimal. Supposedly D-Will has listed the Mavs as a potential destination of interest.

D-Will would be a wonderful addition and should keep the Mavs near the top of the league for years to come, but this talk feels more leverage than reality. Outside of the Rangers adding Yu Darvish this past offseason, it has been years since any huge, high profile name has come to town via free agency. A trade? Yes. But not since the days of Tom Hicks money whipping free agents has this area seen a true, front-line free agent land here (Terrell Owens doesn't count; only two teams wanted him). 

Yet the Mavs are always in the talk to land D-Will or Howard, yet me thinks neither of them will land here.

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Finally someone who lives in reality. cubey's chances of landing Howard and/or Williams is slim to none.

the hand you were dealt

Cuban might land Terrel Owens, but he has almost no shot at Howard or Williams.

Ty Slothrop

That's some in-depth, hard-hitting analysis right there. Of course, your failure both to identify persuasive reasons to support your opinion and to provide accurate background facts doesn't seem to bother your readers. Based on the above comments, I'm guessing they consist mostly of $50k/year cubicle dwellers, the unemployed, and those who work in the "trades."


"...Howard, who has listed approximately 33 clubs as a team would OK a trade to..."

First, Howard doesn't have a "no trade clause," so the Msgic don't need his "OK" to trade him. But more importantly, Howard has repeatedly said that he would only sign a contract extension if traded to 1 of 3 teams, Nets, Lakers, or Mavericks. And he's been saying that since the beginning of the season.


He's also indicated he would be ok playing for the bulls.

The Big Mac Blog

Howard has also said the Bulls and the Celtics. Now we're up to five, and counting. No NBA team is going to trade for Howard unless he OKs it because that means he will sign long term.

Must I explain everything???


Cuban and Donnie have missed on first round pick after first round pick so they desparately need an infusion of HIGH QUALITY youth. They are about to be completely irrelevant because they missed on Pavel. Missed on Harris. Missed on Roddy. Used some to trade for nice guys that are over the hill.

But, what does Cuban's own track record (forget the "City's") say? Whiffed on Mourning. Then Kidd. Even Malone. Redd. Artest. Shaq when he was publicly begging to come here. No sign and trade as Cuban tried to do for LeBron.

Adding big names just past their prime is Cuban's forte'.

He needs a big hit. But, his batting record as GM says he can't/won't get it.

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