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If the Cowboys don't have enough talent on defense, why are they extending it?

GeraldSensabaugh_030410_300Stephen Jones wins the Dallas Cowboys Candor Award.

The No. 2 Jones at Valley Ranch told the Star-Telegram's Clarence E. Hill Jr.: "Obviously we are not pleased with where we are on defense. We got to get better over there. I don’t know that we got good enough talent to win over there. We have to improve it.”

No one is disagreeing. And the first step to solving the problem is admitting there is a problem.

If this is the case, then ....

1. Why give safety Gerald Sensabaugh an extesion? 
2. Why lock in corner Orlando Scandrick with a long-term deal?
2. Why contemplated bringing back CB Terence Newman, albeit at a reduced number?
3. Why consider putting the franchise tag on outside linebacker Anthony Spencer?

If the Cowboys defense was sub-par, why lock in so many key figures?

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Sensibaugh, Scandrick, & Spencer r pieces that need 2 remain for a short while! I understand what SJ is saying & meaning! U can never have enough talent on a NFL roster, but if u lack elite talent u must add that talent! The Cowboys r a talented team that will keep going 9-7 r 8-8 if they don't get more athletic on defense! Newman has played his last game in Dallas! Adding more talent 2 what's already in place will help improve that defense!

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