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Indianapolis dodged a major weather bullet when it hosted the Super Bowl

Downtown_from_Indianapolis_Public_LibraryINDIANAPOLIS - In town for a family thing, not the NFL Combine, but one of the first obversations is the weather that kissed this town during the week of the Super Bowl. This city is still basking in the glow of hosting the Super Bowl and the positive comments that showered this town. Part of its success was the atypical mild temperatures.

Today? Overcast and it's in the 40s with flurries. 


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Mac: Also being a Hoosier, my wife an I commented when there was discussion about Indy hosting yet another SB, that they need to really think about it. The snow can really pile up, and I'm not sure that the next round would be as good as SB 46.


Maybe the big weather maker in the sky likes Indy better than Jerry? lol

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