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Rangers chances of making the postseason just went up

Bud_seligThere is the little matter of the six month regular season before the Rangers can actually commence their mission of finally winning the World Series. 

Actually reaching the playoffs just became a little easier, thanks to Bud Selig and his love of postseason generated cash.

According to this story by FoxSports' Ken Rosenthal, the MLB postseason is going from eight to 10 teams this season. It been kicked around expanding in 2013, but Bud wanted this done sooner rather than later. 

The fine print isn't known just yet, but according to this report the expanded playoff format could be announced as early as Thursday. 

Take this how you want: The Rangers' just increased their chances of actually making the postseason for a third consecutive year, but now have one extra round to deal with.

I'm all for more meaningful baseball games, but Buddy Bud and the union have to look at reducing the number of regular season games. One sixty two is painful. Drop it by 20, at least, and then the World Series won't be ending the day before what feels like Thanksgiving.

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MLB should do something for the fans and bring back double-headers and they could still have 162 games but on a shorter calendar season.

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