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Someone help Pat Knight find a mirror

628x471It's doubtful anyone saw this because so not a lot people follow Lamar basketball, but men's hoops coach Pat Knight is beginning to sound a lot like his famous daddy.

On Wednesday, Lamar lost against Stephen F. Austin, 62-52, at home. Lamar has dropped two of three, and Coach Pat went off, Coach Bobby style.

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Pat said, "“We’ve got the worst group of seniors right now that I’ve ever been associated with. Their mentality is awful. Their attitude is awful. It’s been their MO for the last three years.”

“These guys gotta learn. They gotta grow up. They don’t need to be coddled. They don’t need to be babysat. That’s the problem with society. That’s why we have problems out there, because people don’t make kids accountable.”

“These kids are stealing money by being on scholarship with their approach to things.”

You tell 'em, Coach! Don't you hate it when someone is coddled and then given a job they didn't earn but have a famous name? But that's not a problem with society when, you know, you're a basketball coach and your last name is Knight. Then it's all good.

BTW - Lamar is having a nice season at 17-11 and has qualified for the eight-team Southland Conference tourney.


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B. Knight

This article is aweful. I threw my chair at my computer.

Forex Joe


You are a A** Clown, you state the kid DID NOT earn his position as coach,

yet they are having a nice season at 17-11 even with current situation that HAS been charted for those who actually know sports or played.

Your a piece of work and remain lost in most areas. Would love to debate you daily on radio just to show others how dumb you are my friend

Please do something about your lack of knowledge in sports

Brad Ford

The Knight family always wants to hold others accountable. BUT, they never want to be held accountable for their behavior.

Pat Knight should be fired on the spot for treating students like that.

In particular, his comments about drug use were totally out of line.

K. Stanley

I am a Lamar alum. This kind of play and player has been going on for years here. I am glad to have someone come in and call it as it is - play the right way. Just because his father is Bobby Knight doesn't make him wrong in his evaluation of the situation.

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