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Texas not looking good for NCAA tourney - is anyone noticing?

Rick BarnesWith the chance to strengthen its resume for an NCAA tournament bid against Baylor in Austin on Monday night, Texas took a pass. The Horns blew a double-digit lead against a Baylor team that was in crisis mode after a handful of demoralizing losses.

It appears the Longhorns are not going to the NCAA tournament, unless the selection committee decides it wants a decent team from a huge state. Don't rule it out.

As is the Horns would be a last four in team. They are 17-11, and 7-8 in the Big 12. With games remaining against Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Kansas the Horns will likely finish the regular season 19-12 before the Big 12 tournament. Two wins in the Big 12 tournament may get them in the big boy tournament.

The question is whether anybody in Austin cares. Despite an influx of NBA caliber players through the years and elevating UT basketball nationally to a level unseen in a long time, coach Rick Barnes is fighting the indifference that can swallow this sport in this state.

Barnes has been to a Final Four, and if it weren't for Kansas he likely would have a slew of Big 12 titles. Yet the one thing he has not been able to do is create a passion for the men's basketball team. Horns fans want to see their team win, but are they passionate if they don't? It doesn't feel that way. 


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