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The Dallas Cowboys, Brady Quinn and Tony Romo

Brady-quinn-and-tim-tebow-broncos-training-camp-0810Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is in the headlines for his mouth and not his game. Now the Broncos QB popped off about Tim Tebow, and not in a good way, in GQ, for which he has now apologized.

This is consistent with his pro career. He's famous for something other than this game. He's almost been rumored to be dating Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone for a while.

It got me thinking about Quinn, and the NFL draft in 2007. Coming out of college some draft "experts" had Quinn pegged as top pick. But then the draft began. And then Quinn dropped. When the Dolphins passed on Quinn with the ninth pick, it was obvious he was going to fall some more. Dolphins fans were furious when the team passed on Quinn to select Ohio State receiver Ted Ginn Jr.

And then Quinn fell some more. And he was beginning to look like he might even fall to No. 26, where the Cowboys picked. There was some mild speculation the Cowboys may trade up to select him.

0d1c465f159c6786a440ebdb8980adf5The Cowboys, at the time, had a Tony Romo that had just completed a wild first season as the team's starting quarterback. He replaced Drew Bledsoe midseason, his fame soared as he had the Cowboys and coach Bill Parcells pushing for a top seed in the NFC. In the last month of the season he fell apart and finished it off by bobbling the field goal hold in the wildcard loss in Seattle.

No one was sure what the Cowboys had, so there was some thought that the Cowboys should protect themselves by drafting Quinn.

The Cowboys passed. The Browns selected Quinn No. 22 overall. The right thing to do, regardless if you like Romo.

Quinn's career has been pretty average, at best. Neither the Browns nor the Broncos obviously think the guy can play.

But, after his comments about Tebow, we do know he can talk. And we know he is a big fan of the U.S. women's gymnastics team.


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A year from now, Tebow will be the same thing about whomever is replacing him.Welcome to The Show.


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To all the Brady Quinn bashers:

Brady Quinn had his chance....really?......Cleveland.....whwhere quarterbacks go to die....look what he had around's the current QB looking? Or he is better just because he didn't go to Notre Dame.

It's funning. David Lee who was Peyton Manning and Eli Manning's QB coach says Quinn has the skills to succeed as a started in the NFL given a "real opportunity" and that is arm is just as strong if not stronger.

I'll take the opinion of a professional over the opinions of a bunch of hacks who just hate any any QB coming out of Notre Dame. Why all the hatred toward Notre Dame players? They get their degrees and try do things the right way. They are not perfect but they ever said they were. It's the media bias. They hold SEC players from schools like Florida who had over 20 arrest during Urban Meyer's tenure.

At least Brady Quinn has two degrees to fall back on.

Magnus Nelson

Please, I'm gonna puke if I hear another word about Payton, Tebow or the NY Giants. Oh, by the way, I heard that the Rams are actually considering Haynesworth. Is there any self-respect left in this league?

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Jake Owens

I think if he is given a good chance in the nfl he will be as good if not better then romo he's young only 26 and he has drive to play and I think if he goes to bills cowboys dolphins seahawks or the god forsaking redskins he can be a QB elite give the kid a chance have him back romo up till romo again gets hurt put him in we got a Super Bowl wining cowboys team come on austin Dez robinson witten jones demarco murray and brady quinn passing thats a dream team and the guy can play Just look at his collage days and come on the browns really is were QB's go to die Colt McCoy dereck anderson jake delhome all done and by the looks of it same with RG3 all I'm saying if any nfl team that might read this give him a shot.

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