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The Mavs are close to becoming the Celtics, and not in a good way

Nba_g_celtics11_576The Mavs host their Eastern Conference twin tonight in the Boston Celtics. Take that how you want, as a good or a bad. 

As good as the Mavs have been this season, and they have, they are running the risk of becoming the Celtics - an old team that hung on a bit too long.

When the Celtics won the NBA title in 2008 they had three veterans in Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen who were surrounded by a collection of younger contributors who chipped in. Other than Rajon Rondo, there was no one they were trying to build around. 

Despite being old guys when they won the title, the Celtics held on a little longer than expected.

The Celtics remained competitive after winning that title, and reached Game 7 of the NBA Finals in 2010. Now they know they tried to hold on a bit too long. It's gone. Boston is 15-15 this season, and very much look like the old crew that they are.

Those young contributors that helped during those Finals' runs? Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis have been moved and Rando has been the focus of trade rumors. Celtics GM Danny Ainge would probably trade anyone he could for young talent.

The Mavs were old last year when they won the title, but they did it and despite some new faces are still old. How much longer this holds won't be known until the playoffs. A team that relies on this much age can go south quick. The Celtics proved old guys can win for a little while and the team can be competitive, but the line between competitive and merely .500 is thin.


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Randy from West Texas

Good article. I agree. I the Mavs need an infusion of youth. They can remain very competitive and stay in the thick of things for another NBA Championship but only if they get some young legs soon. As long as we have Dirk, we can compete but even Dirk is going to start getting old quickly.


His name is Rajon Rondo.

Billy C.

We need to get young fast. A point guard would be a great addition.

Celtic in Dallas

I would not want to face the Celtics in the Playoffs. They are old but they are winners; experienced, good in spurts, and still have a lot of weapons. They need to reboot in the off season but they are still dangerous


I do understand the point he's trying to make, but where he loses me is he didn't bring up how Dallas let key players go and signed others to 1 year deals. Yes they are an older team this year, but how many of those players will be here next year.

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