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The Stars go for five tonight

Lindsaylohan13This is really cool: Lindsay Lohan no longer likes to party. So I guess this is all set up for her heroic comeback?
Good for her. This sends the right message to kids. 

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What felt like a near impossibility about two weeks ago now is very much a possibility: The Stars are in a position to win five consecutive games for only the second time this season with a win tonight against Los Penguins.

The only other time the Stars won five straight was Oct. 10 to Oct. 21. 

The Stars elected to do pretty much noting at the NHL trade deadline, meaning this is what they have to finally get to the playoffs. They are in eighth place in the Western Conference with 70 points, but two other teams have 70 as well - Colorado and L.A. 

Kari+Lehtonen+Dallas+Stars+v+Los+Angeles+Kings+z8hTXZfhlPIlIn this streak they have allowed no more than two goals, and for a team that can't score the Stars are finally scoring a little - at least three goals a game in all four wins. Not that you would know it becuase an eighth place team seldom generates a lot of buzz, but as long as Kari Lehtonen is in net this team has a chance. If they can just score a little they can be competitive.

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I'm thrilled to learn Lindsay Lohan has cleaned up her game. I feel safer and so much better about the world.

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