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After 3 horses die, HBO cancels "Luck"

Luck-hbo-hoffmanYou can get away with a lot in Hollywood, but making PETA mad generally isn't a good idea.

After three horses died during the filming of the HBO series "Luck" the show announced that it is cancelled. HBO had renewed "Luck" for a second season, but that appears to be on the shelf for good.

Click here for the story.

The first season has two more episodes remaining. The way this show was progressing it was going to be dropped after the second season even if PETA had not called for an investigation into the death of some of the horses.

Despite the high production quality, the presence of A-list actors including Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, Luck was very much like the sport it portrayed: It lacked broad appeal. Horse racing has a wide array of compelling characters, and the show did a nice job of displaying the wide array of personalities that are often associated with the sport and drawn to the gambling and the horses themselves.

But it was very hard to root for any of the players involved, at least thus far.

What I will miss are the horse racing scenes. No movie or TV show has ever put the viewer on the horse in the middle of a race the way Luck did.

From the story it sounds as if the producers would like to resume this series down the road. I think we have seen the last of Luck.

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AARRRRGGGHHH! Although this series didn't pull me in as much as I had hoped, it was still way better than all the reality TV that's rotting our brains away.

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Ron B.

iT'S bad about this series. I just saw it on DVR and really liked it.

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